The Happy schools Project

A learning programme on care for self, others and nature


Building on more than 20 years of educational work in Vietnam, Eurasia Foundation and its Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing (ELI), has the unique opportunity to create a country wide impact on the educational system of Vietnam by implementing a learning program based on Mindfulness, Compassion, Social and Emotional Learning, first in Hue Province and then in in all the schools of the country. This program can be implemented from Kindergarten to University. The training program will be centered around three main areas of development reflecting three areas of care: self care, care for others and society and care for the environment and the planet.


Students develop their full potential through a holistic approach that fosters: learning to learn and learning to know (head, cognitive), learning to be (heart, socio-emotional), learning to do (hand, behavioral)


Care for the environment and the planet

Living in harmony and taking care of the natural environment Vietnam, after a long history of wars, destruction and other challenges, could become the first country worldwide to include these inner dimensions of education in its school system. We need your support to bring into life this amazing opportunity.

Care for others and society

Creating harmonious and meaningful relationships between teachers, students, parents, administration and the larger community – learning to live together (social skills)