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Please find links to press articles and interviews with Eurasia and ELI co-founder Dr Ha Vinh Tho below:

Et si l’école favorisait le bien-être des élèves?

Nouvel article d’Edith Favoreu PhD, chargée de projet Happy Schools invitée dans le journal 24 heures

«Les étudiants sont bien plus que leurs notes». OCDE-PISA


An interview of Professor Ha Vinh Tho with 4 books published in Vietnam with the same message: Improving the quality of life, helping children live happily at home and at school.
Journalist Pham Huong – Báo Điện tử An ninh Thủ đô

Creating a happy nation

According to Prof. Dr. HA VINH THO, Vietnam, like many other countries, is facing many complex issues of modernization and integration. Conversations about happiness reflect a global trend in re-evaluating what truly constitutes a good life and sustainable development.

Interview Le Thu on the newspaper Đại biểu Nhân dân

Verwandeln, heilen, erwachen: Achtsamkeit für die Welt

Können wir als Landwirte und Menschen einen Weg finden, das Leid in der Welt zu lindern? Ha Vinh Tho sprach über drei grundlegende Aufträge der Landwirtschaft der Zukunft. Hier sind Auszüge aus seinem Vortrag.

Việt Nam có thể trở thành biểu tượng của hạnh phúc và thịnh vượng trên thế giới

“Việt Nam có thể trở thành biểu tượng của hạnh phúc và thịnh vượng, không chỉ ở Đông Nam Á mà trên toàn thế giới”, Giáo sư Hà Vĩnh Thọ nhận định.

“Well-being expert: happiness is an essential skill”

Happiness is a skill that can — and should — be learned, according to Dr. Hà Vĩnh Thọ who spoke to Việt Nam News reporter Nguyễn Khánh Chi on the sidelines of a seminar on happiness held this month in Hà Nội.

« Le Bonheur National Brut peut inspirer un nouveau souffle au monde »

Le Bonheur National Brut (BNB), un indicateur mis en place au Bhoutan, peut-il apporter des réponses à un modèle de société occidental en crise? L’essayiste et formateur franco-vietnamien Ha Vinh Tho, qui a été l’une des chevilles ouvrières du BNB, en est persuadé.

Interview du 3 mars 2024 | par Raphaël Zbinden |

The Happy Schools symposium 2023

From 3 to 6 April 2023, the first international symposium on “Happy Schools” organised by ELI took place in Hue, Vietnam, with the theme “Can happiness skills be learned?

The conference took place at the Hue University of Education and was attended by teachers, doctoral students, researchers, education professionals, authorities, national and international speakers from Germany, Switzerland and Bhutan.

Attended on site by nearly 300 participants from all over Vietnam, the conference participants had very useful, multidimensional and comprehensive exchanges on the meaning of mental health within the education system, such as: Mindfulness; Socio-emotional education; Development of happiness skills… they were also able to participate in practical workshops!

Entretiens avec Ha Vinh Tho : “Le bonheur inscrit dans la constitution”

Au Bhoutan, le gouvernement a créé le BNB, le bonheur national brut, afin d’évaluer et de pérenniser les conditions qui rendent la population heureuse. Ha Vinh Tho a occupé le bureau dédié à cette mission pendant six ans. Rencontre avec un homme heureux…

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho on reimagining, cultivating, and practicing Happiness – Deem Journal

The emphasis of school is usually directing attention outside the self. Students learn academic skills and subjects such as math, language, and history. These are, of course, important. But what if a person, especially a child, is not in touch with their inner self and their emotional dimensions?”

Compassionate Leadership Can Create A Better Economy And A Happier World – Forbes

Dr. Ha Vinh believes that encouraging a culture of happiness and compassion goes beyond personal gratification. He also asserts its benefits to our communities, our companies, and our economies. As business leaders whose choices impact others, Dr. Tho knows that we have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to play a role in creating a more positive society.

Find more at the following link

GNH as an alternative development paradigm and its relevance for community living
A booklet by Ha Vinh Tho, PhD

In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now. – The Late Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate

The work of Eurasia as seen through the lens of the nine domains of Gross National Happiness


An exhibition developed for the celebration of the 20 years of Eurasia, presenting the nine pillars of GNH and the accomplishments of Eurasia Association and Foundation in each of the 9 domains

Le Bonheur National Brut : une résurrection ?


Tho Ha Vinh: Le bonheur national brut est-il applicable chez nous?


Tho Ha Vinh on Gross National Happiness in Bhutan


Mit Glück ein Land verändern – Interview mit Dr. Tho Ha Vinh

Podcast 416 – Christian Bischoff – DIE KUNST, DEIN DING ZU MACHEN Podcast


A l’occasion de la parution de son livre chez Jouvence.

Success redefined : Exploring the power of Happiness in Organisations with Dr Tho Ha Vinh

Second crack : The leadership podcast

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