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Ecology has always been central to the work of Eurasia, recognizing the interdependence of human wellbeing with the wellbeing of the environment.


From planting trees to pioneering biodynamic agriculture in Vietnam, Eurasia, through its ELI programme aims to foster a deeper connection to the natural world.

Through the Happy Schools program for instance, students visit Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) to learn about ecology, sustainable living, and community engagement.

TTG’s biodynamic garden provides an ideal setting for children to actively participate in caring for the planet. Thousands of students visit TTG annually, and a dedicated land nearby is devoted to the Empowerment project.

Through The Peaceful Bamboo Family – Tinh Truc Gia (TTG), we wish to contribute to caring for Mother Earth, by employing holistic healing methods. Our wish is not just to practice biodynamic agriculture, but also to share it widely and help foster the expansion of biodynamics in Vietnam.

Pioneering biodynamic agriculture in Vietnam, TTG has become a learning center, starting off with Module I in January 2017. This first module aimed to give an introduction to the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, helping participants get in touch with the practice in a three-day course.

In January 2018, we followed up with Module II, focusing both on reiterating the basic principles, and also including further materials for participants to expand their practice. The course included a mix of theoretical knowledge, as well as practical activities involving going out into the garden, looking at composting and preparing biodynamic supplements together. Through these courses, participants also get a sense of the community-life of TTG first hand, therefore experiencing the Camphill movement’s view of integrated socio-economic life.

In recent years, TTG has opened its doors to students from Hue public schools, offering them an opportunity to reconnect with the earth and learn about caring for the planet. These students are guided and inspired by some of the TTG youngsters who embody a profound care for the earth in their daily lives within the community.

The Empowerment Project was born from the necessity to accommodate the growing number of visitors, allowing the biodynamic garden to focus on its primary goal of growing food to feed the TTG community. This dedicated space welcomes the increasing number of school students, empowering them to take part in nurturing the environment and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

What about Switzerland?

In Switzerland, ecological actions are also integrated across the board into projects and support for organisations, such as Happy Schools Switzerland or the Meditator-Activist pathway. Learning how to live in harmony with nature is an integral part of our processes. We work in partnership with the Petit Bochet farm, which embodies a sustainable, caring way of life and hosts classes and organisations in ELI programmes.

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