Building on more than 20 years of educational work in Vietnam, Eurasia Foundation and its Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing (ELI), has the unique opportunity to create a country wide impact on the educational system of Vietnam by implementing a learning program based on Mindfulness, Compassion, Social and Emotional Learning, first in Hue Province and then in in all the schools of the country. This program can be implemented from Kindergarten to University. The training program will be centered around three main areas of development reflecting three areas of care: self care, care for others and society and care for the environment and the planet.


Students develop their full potential through a holistic approach that fosters: learning to learn and learning to know (head, cognitive), learning to be (heart, socio-emotional), learning to do (hand, behavioral)


Care for the environment and the planet

Living in harmony and taking care of the natural environment Vietnam, after a long history of wars, destruction and other challenges, could become the first country worldwide to include these inner dimensions of education in its school system. We need your support to bring into life this amazing opportunity.

Care for others and society

Creating harmonious and meaningful relationships between teachers, students, parents, administration and the larger community – learning to live together (social skills)


The Happy Schools in Vietnam Project is a training program in five phases:


  • Step 1

    Interview focus groups (students, teachers, officials) for insights  

  • Step 2

    Training of trainers (school directors, lecturers & partners)

  • Step 3

    Training of teachers (120 teachers from 6 public schools)

  • Step 4

    Implement happy schools to the existing curriculum

  • Step 5

    Integrate all resources and lessons to a comprehensive book


The program begins with a baseline assessment conducted by Hue University in collaboration with Geneva and Lausanne Universities (Switzerland). The assessment process will be co-designed by these three institutions. Meticulous scientific assessments will be carried out at the end of each phase of the project. The scientific team will publish several articles to document the outcome of the project. Friend and ELI Member Camille is assessing the impact of the training of trainers and of teachers as part of her Master’s thesis in Education.

The Happy Schools team is working in close collaboration with Bitis shoe company, with whom ELI has signed a 3-year MOU in order to bring Happiness and Wellbeing to Bitis. Click below to watch the video materials:


On the day after the end of the Happy School Training of Trainers workshop (April 2018), one of the participants, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Vinh from Hue University, immediately implemented some “Happiness Skills” in his class with University students.

“Dear Thầy,

As many other young parents in Vietnam, I’ve longed to see positive change in education and being part of that change. Happy School is way to go and a common dream; to that sense, I am grateful and privileged to be involved in this pioneering project.
Being a mother, I am deeply moved to see my child to be among the first at Thuan Thanh Primary school to benefit this meaningful initiative, to see how committed his school teachers are to prepare for the adoption of SEL into teaching curriculum and to witness very small changes yet significant have been occurred after the training.
For instance, at Thuan Thanh, most of the teachers came back from the training have made  their classrooms a  “green” space with many fresh plants and nice decorations, the school toilet has been renovated to be more friendly and clean than ever as I’ve seen. Or Phu Cat Primary School leader has contacted our volunteers to help to build a friendly playground cum mindful walking area for their pupils. Such small graces that I’ve never seen before, are really happening on the ground. I imagine Happy School team and you from afar would appreciate these significant cracks.
Again, thank you for sharing your dream with us and embrace us all as part of a larger dream. Now I am exited to join ELI team in Hue to work closely with its partners and the school teachers for the application coming soon.
All my best,
A testimony from a Happy parent and collaborator:


The Happy Schools project is currently being implemented in Vietnam as outlined hereabove and the training programme for Modules 1, 2 and 3 has been delivered in Huaxia Academy – China, a school promoting Traditional Chinese Culture. Please watch the video trailer of the programme in China below: