Become a member of Eurasia Association

Become a member of Eurasia Association

Become a Member of Eurasia Association wherever you are!

If you feel inspired and in accordance with Eurasia Association values and projects, and if you want to support our work actively : become member of Eurasia Association!

Eurasia Association is the mother organization of both Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) – The Peaceful Bamboo Family – and of Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing (ELI), so becoming a member of Eurasia Association means connecting to the work of all three entities as they work fully as one.

Becoming a member means committing to a yearly contribution. This membership will allow you to get more actively involved if you wish to be, by getting:

  • More regular updates of our work
  • First-hand information about our upcoming events and activities, including Eurasia Learning Institute trainings and courses


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To make your yearly donation, please use the Eurasia bank account information below:

Eurasia account in Switzerland                           

Beneficiary: Association Eurasia​
IBAN:CH81 0900 0000 1749 67385
Account number:17-496738-5

Bank Address:
PostFinance Ltd​
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern


Eurasia bank account in Vietnam

Tài khoản việt nam

Ngân hàng á châu (acb)

Tên tài khoản: Eurasia

Số tài khoản: 170543979

Sừit: ascbvnvx

Donation Total: $50.00