Adolescent class


In July 2017, we expanded Tinh Truc Gia by building a new space in order to welcome young adolescents, bringing a new challenge to TTG! The adolescent class currently hosts three young girls and seven boys, ages ranging from 12 to 18 years old.

The day begins with the community-wide morning circle where announcements relating to the upcoming day are made, where a song is sung, and where we sometimes dance all together. The circle ends with a poem or the reading of a philosophic story, in order to inspire the day ahead – each day is different and unique. The youngsters then cross TTG’s beautiful and generous garden to reach their classroom, they are often invited to walk to class in silence, taking the time to acknowledge the abundance of the nature all around them, appreciating the richness of the colours and smells that live along the path to their classroom. Their classroom, at the very end of the garden, is a beautiful open-space from which they can admire and experience nature in every moment.

Once in the classroom, they start the day with some mindful yoga movements, and take a time to stop and breathe together consciously.

After having enjoyed these moments of calm, they are ready to concentrate and pay attention for the day’s first lesson. Learning to write, to count, but also learning about the simple things of daily life, all of this is part of the curriculum. Learning to describe the emotions they are feeling today, in this moment, whether they feel joyful or sad… together they take the first steps in learning how to speak about their feelings.

Mornings are closed with singing, dancing and storytelling.

The youngsters then learn how to clean their classroom area in order to have their lunch in a clean, tidy environment.

After a well-deserved nap, the youngsters then go about and discover TTG’s older residents’ workshops. This is for them an opportunity to learn various skills through the range of workshops that TTG offers, from baking treats for the teahouse and making jam, to lacquer painting and making incense, to gardening and learning to care for the earth in the biodynamic garden. Some afternoons are also spent drawing, painting or playing music with the qualified volunteers that come in to teach on a regular basis.

The day ends with a gratitude circle, thanking each and every one of their peers, before waiting for their parents to pick them up.

Our youngsters preparing a show with Thây Andres, one of the founding members of Eurasia in August 2018