To Trinh Pham

Phan To Trinh is a Vietnamese educator and a social pioneer in the field of special education and social therapy. After her university studies, she worked in tourism industry and in the field of development with an international NGO. But her passion was education and she became a teacher. She was selected in the first group of teachers to undergo training in Special Education with Eurasia Foundation and became a pioneer in this field, creating the first classes of “responsible inclusion” for children with intellectual and emotional disabilities in Hue. She has been granted several national awards for her educational achievements. She works in Thuan Thanh School, Thuan Thanh school is one of Eurasia’s pilot projects in partnership with Hue City Education Department.

She was instrumental in creating the first intentional community in Vietnam in social therapy: the Peaceful Bamboo Family, an eco village that created the first biodynamic garden in the country, inspired by the Camphill Movement and the Gross National Happiness development paradigm. She is currently the co-director of this community and is also the coordinator of the Happy Schools project, a groundbreaking educational project bringing social and emotional skills to all public schools in the Hue province.

She comes to the Perceval Foundation in St Prex regularly, Switzerland several times to connect with the work of Eurasia Europe. She is a very dynamic woman who supervises and advises our staff in many ways. She is a member of the Eurasia and TTG direction boards.