Julia Leyris

Julia Leyris is a project manager with Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing (ELI) and more specifically supports the operational coordination of the Happy Schools.ch/INSPIRE program. Her skills include project development, management, financing, and actions related to the dynamics of development of organizations and of relationships with national and international partners. As a stage director and creator of multidisciplinary shows, Julia has been working with people of all ages for over 12 years in relation to the techniques of theatrical performance. She combines her experiential processes with the learning of social and emotional skills, in particular through breathing techniques, the use of the voice or body attitude, with the objective of developing one’s capacities, determination, energy and to improve one’s impact in their professional and personal life. Long-term expatriate in Asia and Europe, Julia has always been interested in human relations and cultural diversity. She is currently a psychology student, in the second year of her bachelor’s degree at IED Paris 8. Holder of the Mindfulness Facilitator Certificate issued by Mindfulness Educator and approved by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, she regularly leads Mindfulness practice sessions and talking circles in a setting combining security, confidentiality, respect and kindness. She also contributes to the organization of seminars related to the practice of living together, the creation of a collective energy of mindfulness, well-being, loving speech and deep listening, as well as eco-responsibility.