Eurasia’s realisations

Discover all Eurasia projects worldwide from 1998 to today


The actual work of Eurasia already started in an informal way in 1992.
Eurasia was born from the encounter of experienced professionals in the fields of special education and social therapy in Switzerland perceiving the suffering of children living with disabilities in Vietnam and urgent needs of their families. The meeting of this challenging reality with those who have a capacity to understand, and a will to act in order to relieve this suffering, built a bridge out of which Eurasia was born. For over two decades this collaboration has brought about many manifestations of social innovation and global care.
In 1998 the Association was formally inaugurated and since then our activities have developed constantly and have grown into a solid network of concrete projects in Vietnam and Europe.
A very dynamic Vietnamese team and the dedicated Board of the Eurasia Foundation and Association have worked together tirelessly in order to respond to the changing needs of the individuals living with disabilities and their families, and also the needs of the professionals who have the integration and wellbeing of these marginalized people at heart. The work of Eurasia is constantly adapting in a very fast-changing society, always facing new challenges and opportunities. Our tasks have also evolved over the years towards a wider ecological awareness and the need to develop social entrepreneurship in order to make the life and work of people with disabilities sustainable. We also decided to bring Social and Emotional Learning to so called « normal children ». All these new developments have the same goal: Integrating individuals with disabilities and other marginalized people more and more and helping them participate actively in societal change.



  • Building of three classrooms for children living with intellectual disabilities within Thuan Thanh primary school in Hue.
  • Creation of a center for severely disabled children in Thuy Bieu village, near Hue: The School of the Beloved
  • Building of classrooms for children with intellectual disabilities within five primary schools in Hue
  • Setting up a post-graduate course in special education in Hue University in partnership with an American University.
  • Translation and publication of specialized literature
  • Creation of a school for severely disabled children in partnership with Hue medical college
  • Participation in the building of a boarding facility at Thuy Bieu school
  • Building of a kitchen in Thuan Thanh school
  • Creation of an inclusive kindergarten in TTG. It will serve as a practical training center and as proper place for children with special needs.
  • Office for early detection and parental advise Ho Chi Minh City
  • Construction of a house for adolescents living with disabilities Creation of an adolescent sector



  • Building vocational training workshops for both disabled and underprivileged youths: embroidery, woodwork, jam and others
  • Home based program to support families with disabled children in villages near Hue: Community Based Rehabilitation Programs
  • Organization and sponsoring of three festivals for and by the disabled children in Hue 2004-2006-2014: three days of exhibitions and performances for and by the disabled children.
  • 2 exhibitions of paintings of youngsters from TTG in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017
  • Building and creation of the Peaceful Bamboo family, a social therapy center in Hue
  • Building of new workshops, and a tea house in TTG
  • A first center of social therapy (within the meaning of social care for adults living with disabilities)
  • Empowerment project: Social entrepreneurship project with young adults living with disabilities (more detail below)


  • Social Emotional Learning programs for primary school children
  • Nature programs for school children
  • 1-year Mindfulness-based Happiness and Compassion Program
  • Happy Schools: A Mindfulness, Social and Emotional Learning and Care for Nature program. The first year of the pilot programme involves over 2000 children from Hue public schools.


  • A one year post graduate certificate in special education and
    social therapy
  • Training Vietnamese students in special education in Switzerland
  • Training of special teachers, through various training courses in Hue and in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Training of trainers at Hue University
  • Regular ongoing professional training since 1992
  • Scholarships and internships for educators
  • Trainings for parents and volunteers
  • ELI : Eurasia Learning Institute
  • Partnerships with organizations linked to the training of kindergarten teachers


  • Environmental project: “1000 trees for Vietnam”: Action to sponsor trees in order to help a devastated area in the high hills of south Vietnam. We also built a forestry school for hill tribe youths and created a tree nursery
  • Development of a biodynamic garden and biodynamic training
  • New beekeeping project in TTG (Tinh Truc Gia – Peaceful Bamboo Family)


  • A successful integration model: Thuan Thanh School and 4 other primary schools in Hue City. They offer a successful model of inclusion. Classes for intellectually disabled children and one class for the hearing impaired children have been built within five primary schools. The specific needs of these children are being met, without segregating them from other children of their own age.
  • A home for elderly and disabled ladies in Tinh Duc Pagoda: In the year 2000 started a longterm collaboration between Tinh Duc Pagoda and Eurasia in Hue. Due to the war, many elderly ladies were left without families to support them. The Tinh Duc Pagoda offers them food and shelter as well as a safe and peaceful environment. Moreover, a clinic providing traditional Vietnamese medical care has been opened and is available free of charge for the residents as well as for the local population.
  • The Empowerment Project: Enabling young adults living with disabilities to share their experience and skills with schoolchildren of primary and secondary schools and university students in the fields of bio dynamic agriculture, living skills, community life, various workshop activities: cooking, baking, cleaning, handicraft.