Inclusive Waldorf Kindergarten


TTG opened its Waldorf inclusive Kindergarten in 2015. The small building holding the kindergarten is a very beautiful, round-shaped building, made up of a large, wood-furnished room. The side of the building is made up of tall glass doors, allowing daylight to shine throughout the day. These tall glass doors grant access to a patio and playground made up of colourful wooden structures that the children can climb on and run onto, all the while surrounded by the abundant nature of TTG’s garden.

Inside, the round ceiling is skillfully draped with a pink silky veil, shaped into a beautiful flower. Lying down on the ground and staring at this flower, it feels as though the flower wraps you inside its petals. When the curtains are drawn, there is a lovely sense of rest, and the kindergarten feels like a haven of peace and pink softness!

Sixteen incredibly energetic children come to the kindergarten everyday, three of which have special needs. This is why when you come to the TTG Kindergarten, the one thing you will remember might not be its silence! Especially in the playground, children get a chance to express their creativity here and make up imaginary villages with the pieces of wood, and costume balls, using the silk veils to form super hero capes, princess dresses or even butterfly wings. The space is filled with joy, with scrambles and little frustrations. In sum, it is a space filled with life!

Thankfully, there comes a time for lessons! Singing is used a lot in order punctuate the day and invite children to transition from one activity to another. Children also discover their first yoga movements in a fun and playful way. We take long walks in the luscious and colourful garden, whether under the sun or under the rain!

Painting, modelling, cooking, gardening and cleaning are an integral part of the children’s daily life. The 4:00 PM snack is an important moment during the day, and on thursdays snacktime is also a moment for silence, which is very enjoyable.

The children also have their lunch in this building, followed by a well-deserved and enjoyable nap! Each child grabs his or her little pillow and finds a space to lie down in the circle. The kindergarten teacher, An, sits in the middle of this little tribe and tells a story before the children fall asleep. The drapes/curtains are drawn just in time for silky pink dreams to take over.

In the afternoon there are often small plays or puppet shows by the gardener for the children. Then every child can water his or her plant, that has been planted in spring. The day ends at the playground where on after another the parents come to pickup their small ones.