Information for Volunteers


The Peaceful Bamboo Family, Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) is a Eurasia Foundation and Eurasia Association project. It is a centre for adults and youngsters living with disabilities situated in the outskirts of Hue City, in central Vietnam.
TTG was inaugurated in the beginning of 2009. TTG was created after the children of Eurasia special schools and classes had finished their school curriculum. It was difficult to find vocational training centres and a suitable work and life situation enabling them to integrate in society. TTG is a living and working therapeutic Camphill community completely embedded in the local culture.

TTG is situated in a rural district, 10 minutes by scooter from Hue city centre. After turning off a very animated and busy street, Dien Bien Phu Street, you will drive through winding little roads and bamboo groves, that will bring you to Tinh Truc Gia, a beautiful « little village », with many buildings for boarding, workshops, classrooms, a big biodynamic garden etc. The landscape and the surrounding area is very harmonious and people there are living a traditional lifestyle. Our neighbours are essentially farmers and artisans. There are many pagodas in the neighbourhood and you might hear their temple bells calling for the early morning mediation at three in the morning.

Over 30 adults and about 10 adolescents now live, work and learn in TTG. We also have an inclusive Waldorf kindergarten which welcomes 16 children. Around 15-20 well trained co-workers work in the centre. Various vocational training workshops enable the youngsters to receive a professional training. The sale of the products produced in the workshops also enables the centre to cover part of their running costs. There is a food processing workshop making delicious jam, ice cream, fruit juices, dried fruits; an organic vegetable garden; a cooking workshop; housekeeping and maintenance; embroidery; lacquer ware painting and in the future we are hoping to have a pottery and wood workshops.

TTG is a very warm and vibrant community which aims to embody care for self, others and nature. The TTG youngsters and team really know how to make people feel welcome. School classes from the surrounding schools come to visit on a regular basis in order to learn about the way we work and live. This gives the youngsters a chance to share their skills, knowledge and way of being and living together. Training programs organized by Eurasia Learning Institute, are also hosted by the community.


Volunteers will receive a booklet with all the information concerning their stay upon arrival.

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