Celebrating the 10 years of Tinh Truc Gia



On April 12th 2019, TTG = Tinh Truc Gia = The Peaceful Bamboo Family will turn 10! TTG has brought so much care to its youngsters, educators, visitors and to mother earth over the years that it has aged a little bit, and now requires some renovations, a “touch-up” here and there, and has written to you to ask for your support:

To all my friends, those who know me and those who will get to know me,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am often called TTG, which means “The Peaceful Bamboo Family”, and if I have been named thus, it is because I was predestined to a future filled with joy and brotherhood.

I live in a beautiful bamboo forest, on the red earth, a few turns from the centre of the magnificent city of Hué, and those who have come to visit me can tell you how many turns they had to take before they were able to find me. I am not to be found so easily!

I am celebrating my 10th birthday this year and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in the next 10 years of my future! I was created to welcome all forms of life, from the youngest to the oldest, without judgement. Every being who comes to me is welcome and I summon up all my joy and care, so that they may be reflected in each and every one. Young or old, passing by or staying for life, in my eyes, you are all precious.

In order to continue to take care of my numerous inhabitants, I would need your help. As you can well imagine, these hundreds of pairs of feet which have trodden on my earth, which have danced at my feet, these hands which have worked across land and the laughter that resonated – all this life, has worn me out a little!

Those of you who are  familiar with Hué, I am sure will remember: I often receive visits from my sister Rain, and her cousin the Wind, whom I welcome wholeheartedly, as everyone is welcomed without judgement. However,  they do not leave me indifferent. The coming of my sister and her cousin have eroded my roof!

Are you familiar with termites? They too have set up their residence here. It is no problem for me, they are also welcome! However, soon we won’t be able to shut the doors any more!

I am not trendy, but to celebrate my 10th birthday, I would like a bit of a makeover. A little bit of red here and a bit of blue there would be like a breath of fresh air!

The future of the earth is of concern to me and I hold the aspiration to contribute to her wellbeing. For this reason, I have dressed myself in solar panels, in order to use the energy from my uncle Sun. The only thing is, that this garment too, is worn and would need some restyling.

Having experienced your incredible generosity in the past, I already know that this letter will touch hearts all over the world and I would like to express my deep gratitude to you.

I am counting on you for my new robes and it goes without saying, that you are invited to come and celebrate my 10th anniversary on `April 19th-20th 2019.

Tinh Truc Gia

For offline donations: 

Eurasia Association

CP: 17-496738-5

IBAN: CH81 0900 0000 1749 6738 5