Sponsor a youngster


You can support the work of Eurasia and Tinh Truc Gia by sponsoring a youngster.

 The total amount per month, per youngster is $120 and this covers the following:

  • Total for Boarding per month: $40
  • Total for food per month: $40
  • Total for training per month: $40

We would be happy if you could commit to a period of at least three years for your sponsorship, but of course any contribution is welcome. If you have agreed to generously support one of the youngsters, please do contact us by email at: camille@elihw.org.

Once you have expressed your interest in supporting a youngster at Tinh Truc Gia, we will send you a personal note with the name and photo and short biography of your the youngster you are supporting. We will keep you informed about life in Tinh Truc Gia and of the youngster you are offering to sponsor.

Tinh Truc Gia also has guestrooms, therefore if you happen to visit Vietnam, you could maybe come and visit Tinh Truc Gia one day and meet the youngster that you have so generously sponsored, as well as our team.