Vietnam has a rich history and it is certainly important that you make some inquiry about its history and its cultural, political and economic situation. We suggest you watch the TV series « The Vietnam War », as it is a very good way to understand the history of Vietnam.


It is important to know that the climate in Hue can be a problem for foreigners. It is very hot in summer, from April until August and it rains a lot from November until February. It can be cold in winter and you need to bring warm clothes, especially as the houses are not heated in Vietnam. There are regular typhoons and floods in and around Hue area, but Tinh Truc Gia is situated in a high area so we do not suffer from floods here directly. Spring and autumn are lovely!

Volunteer Visa

You need a visa for travelling to Vietnam. Eurasia will explain to you which formalities are necessary in your particular case. Please be aware that we do not apply for the visa, you will have to take care of this yourself.


We have WiFi connection, but you may not have WiFi in your room. Please bring your own laptop, there are no computers available for the use for volunteers.