Eurasia Christmas Newsletter 2021

Dear friends and members of Eurasia, 

We will continue to explore how the pillars of the Gross National Happiness (GNH) paradigm are embodied in the work of Eurasia. The four pillars of GNH are: Preservation and promotion of culture, sustainable and equitable socio-economic development, good governance and environmental conservation. We would like to dedicate this newsletter to the theme of good governance.

Good governance speaks about the quality of leadership and it is especially in times of crisis, such as the collective and multiple crises we are experiencing at present, that leaders are particularly challenged to continue to lead in such a way that allows us to continue beautifully into the future.

In a society where the fulfillment of each individual is considered to be very important, a top-down approach to leadership, based on the economic interests of a powerful minority, is no longer relevant. Leaders need to open their hearts to hear the needs of their people, especially those at the margins, as they often reflect the cracks in our society and the dark zones that have not yet been fully integrated. The challenge that leaders face, is that the happiness and wellbeing of the individual must always be considered in relation to the common good. Leaders who are truly interested in the deep happiness and wellbeing of their people enlarge their field of vision to consider the many factors, alongside economic growth, that contribute to a happy community, organisation or society.

The question of governance is one that was present from the beginning in the work of Eurasia and is becoming ever more relevant, with the gradual transmission of the work from the pioneer team to the younger generation.

Jana Castles, editor

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