Camphill movement meeting in The Peaceful Bamboo Family

Camphill movement group meeting in The Peaceful Bamboo Family

This year the Camphill Movement group meeting was hosted in Asia for the first time, an historic event, with the program of the meeting being co-created by TTG and the core group of the Camphill Movement. For one week the community generously shared their daily life with the participants, enjoying meals, practices and cultural evenings together, as well as a wonderful outing to the beach.

It was a true meeting of West and East and we could see a shift in terms of the flow of inspiration: The well formed communities in the west now look to the east for ways to bring life into the form of their well established communities.

On the last day of the meeting, we officially inaugurated the Asian “Eastern Sunrise Region”, which includes two communities in India, a community in Thailand, a movement in Taiwan and TTG in Vietnam. We look forward to exploring what special color will emerge from this region.

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