Tinh Truc Gia 10 years Fundraiser

Tinh Truc Gia=TTG, The Peaceful Bamboo Family, a vocational training and living community for people living with disabilities in Hue, Vietnam, was inaugurated in 2009, exactly 10 years ago.
It all started with a strong and authentic wish to bring Happiness and Wellbeing to people living with disabilities, to ourselves, but also Mother Earth and the society at large.
We started with a courageous and visionary Eurasia team of about 8 people (with many friends supporting from far) and a group of about 12 people living with disabilities.

Now the community counts about 90 people : co workers, children in the inclusive Kindergarten, youngsters from adolescent class and adults living with disabilities.
A thriving and dynamic community around a wonderful biodynamic garden, many handicraft workshops, a training center and a lovely tea house welcome many guests !
TTG is spreading Happiness and Wellbeing far beyond the community, inspiring others to put in the Center of their life the wish to serve others, to include all those who are « different » and to be Happy!

As the centre’s 10th anniversary approaches, we are fundraising for some essential renovations.


Please see the link below to read the letter from TTG, asking for your support:

Fundraising letter-compressed

You can contribute to the campaign here: https://chuffed.org/proje…/tinh-truc-gia-10-years-fundraiser


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