Celebrating Happy teachers’ day in Vietnam


Dear friends,

We would like to express and send our gratitude to all of our teachers, those who picked up the first bricks of TTG and who have kept on nourishing our journey, Thay Tho, Co Lisi and all our teachers and friends in Eurasia Foundation and Association. Together with pioneer friends in Vietnam: Thây Tu, Thây Khanh, Cô Trinh and Cô Hoa – and with all the friends in the field of special education, who have spread their love without boundaries, throughout time.

To all the younger generation, who step by step, are stepping into this journey and co-creating the future, thank you.

To Bác Hành and cô Vọng, always humble, but spreading their immense love and care with their whole heart.

To all the workshop masters and boarding teachers, your contribution, day after day is immense.


The way in which the wider community around TTG and Eurasia develops is a story filled with companionship and practice, to which each member and friend of the community contributes, day after day – living and working together, sharing joyful and challenging moments.

From the very beginning until today, we have welcomed many people, from different places, we are always here, joyfully, waiting to welcome old and new friends.

Here we care for others, we care for our youngsters, and our youngsters care for us, and teach us everyday.



One of the occasions when our shared Happiness comes alive is during our weekly Sharing from the heart, when teachers, youngsters and friends come together to share their stories of growing up together in the community. As Lam shared in the circle “I am a grown-up man, sometimes I get angry very easily and I am aware that it is not good, and I look at myself and I keep practicing. I want to say thank you to my teachers who are always patient with me and love me, I wish that you will stay healthy and well.”

When we listen to our friends during the sharing circle, and listening to Lam’s sharing, all members of the circle can feel the love that envelops each word. I want to ask you to consider, dear teachers: when you listen from your student sharing these words, how do you feel?

And let me ask you a question: how many people are brave enough to share the truth with their friends and teachers and to say “I made a mistake” together with everyone?

In our circle we feel warm enough, we trust that we can share openly, and be listened to from the heart.  

At the beginning of each Sharing circle we sing:


“Dear friends dear friends,

Let me tell you how I feel,

You have given me such treasures,

I love you so.”


In our circle, whether we are a listener, whether we are the person who shares, or the one who holds the hands of others, we are just there, and together we get a feel of this collective treasure that lives.  



From 3 to 40 years old, youngsters, teachers, parents, and friends from around the world, are all part of our community. The development of TTG reflects this more and more, and each year a larger number of people’s hearts are touched by the values and the care of TTG.

Each year we welcome thousands of students from Hue schools. In August, TTG welcomed over 130 teachers in Hue to learn about social and emotional learning, about care and about learning to respect and protect our planet.

Soon we will welcome a group of employees from a company. They will also come to learn about Happiness skills, including caring for the earth, in order to bring this back to their daily lives and their offices.

To celebrate Teacher Day in Vietnam, we brought the plants from TTG’s biodynamic garden as gifts to Hue schools, as a way to share our values, to widen our community and enrich other communities – when we bring trees to the principals of each school, we bring the spirit of Eurasia/TTG/ELI, and spread our love.

TTG/Eurasia/ELI team


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