Stories from the TTG sharing circle: Sharing from heart to heart



My name is Tinh Truc Gia = The Peaceful Bamboo Family, if I have been named thus, it is because I was predestined to a future filled with joy and brotherhood.

I am the home of everyone, where youngsters, children and teachers live and work together, with love, care, and where the values are always reflected in each member of the community.

Here grow many seeds – children, youngsters, teachers – we are all family. As you see, many people come for a visit and go, I always remain standing here, ready to welcome everyone with open arms, with infinite love and care.

Everyone contributes together, co-creating stories: youngsters, teachers, friends who live close to me and far away from me.

The way of caring in community life is to embrace and grow day after day. 

There are many supporters to whom the members living in the community want to express their gratitude. And all of the random acts of kindness that come from hearts in Vietnam and all over the world, all of them brought together contribute to the unfolding story and flourishing of my being.

At the same time, this unfolding story enhances awareness of community life in our society, bringing its values out into the world, when people talk about the beautiful stories of TTG.

At times, of course my life is filled with challenges, but I am thankful for all of that, for all the people who were there when I was born, who have watered my seeds, nourished me and contributed to my growth until today, and who give me the great opportunity to share more and more stories.  




There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way...

My path, my has been filled with both tremendous joy and great challenges, and whether you have met me in person, or whether you have read about me and my stories, I believe that you can feel my gratitude for you. This is my practice, and this is the practice of each living being unfolding in the community.

There are many stories I could share, and I don’t need to mention any names in this journey, as it is our journey up until today. At the same time, I want to call you by your true names, that of sisters and brothers, for those who give and receive love.


With gratitude,

TTG=The Peaceful Bamboo Family


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