All you need is love: Celebrating the 20 years of Eurasia in Switzerland


On Sunday 23rd of September, Eurasia Association held a Happiness Fair in Fondation Perceval, St-Prex. Together, the Eurasia network – from 9 month-old baby Gaël to to 92 years old Barbara – filled the day with smiles, laughter, music and generosity. The day was a true celebration of friendship and happiness as the foundations of sustainable social engagement, from the preparations all the way to the end, to the dissassembling (which was also accompanied by music.)

We are filled with gratitude for all of the friends who showed up, their presence, joy as well as for the delicious food, as well as moments shared.  We are also truly grateful for the generous donations and contributions made, that will be donated for the running costs of Tinh Truc Gia. On Saturday, the Eurasia/ELI young team hosted a training in Perceval: The inner dimensions of social change, reconnecting to self, others and nature, also raising money for the running costs of TTG.

Gratitude to all those who hosted a workshop, to Alice for her beautiful piano concert, and to all the discreet but happy elves who contributed to the setting up, the dissassembling and to the day as a whole.
Until next year… we leave you with a note from The Little Prince: “It’s the time you wasted on your rose that makes your rose so important…” so let us continue to waste time on our rose, together…!

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