Our most sincere thank you, we would like to thank all the donors, friends and partners of Eurasia for their generous support, help, advise and for their generous and faithful donations. Every donation, big or small, every visit, all the time generously offered by each member and friend of Eurasia, in the West and in Vietnam, has enabled us all these achievements.

All of you have permitted to improve the life and the visibility of the most vulnerable members of human society, the person living with mental disabalities.

All of you have permitted to improve the life of the families and relatives of persons living with mental disabilities.

All of you have permitted to young, and not so young Vietnamese persons to train in a very new profession and to become special teachers and special educators.

All of you have permitted to give a better valorization to this field of work.

All of you have permitted precious exchange of knowledge between experienced professionals from the west and courageous and dynamic young educators in Vietnam.

All of you have permitted intercultural exchange that enriches each one, coming from western countries or from Asia.

All of you are helping us to promote ecological awareness and to promote a life of dignity for the person living with disabilities.

Without you and your generous donations all this would not be possible.
Each action transforms the world.

With our sincere THANK YOU and a big smile

Our sincere special thanks to:

– Michelham Foundation, Switzerland

– Johnson Foundation Switzerland,

– Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Brigitte Wyatt, USA

– Mr. Bernasconi, Switzerland

– Freunde der Erziehungskunst, Germany

– BMZ, Germany

– Banque Pictet, Switzerland

– La Commune Chene Bourg, Switzerland

– Give2asia, USA

– Kalopeia Foundation USA

– Fond de Fraternité, St Prex

 – Fondation Perceval, St Prex

– Sangha of Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland

– Sandoz Family, Switzerland

– Hirzel Foundation

– Mahle Stiftung

– Damus Donata ö.V

– Tides Foundation

– SFR Social Finance

– Cindy Vu

– Bitis shoe company, Vietnam

– Dora Foundation, Switzerland

– Fondation Minkoff

And each one of you

If you would like to appear on this list of donors, please inform:

Lisi Ha Vinh
Chemin des fleurs 10
CH-1607 Palézieux-Gare, Switzerland