Biodynamic Garden


Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) started to develop its biodynamic garden in 2009. Since 2016, our Camphill Community garden also includes a cow, a bull and a calf. These animals play a central role in biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic, ecological and ethical form of organic farming and gardening that respects animals, plants and minerals. The principles of biodynamic farming follow the insights of Rudolf Steiner from 1924, and the guidelines that ensued from these, and biodynamics have been developed by farmers and researchers all over the world since.

Caring for Mother Nature

Our wish is, through TTG, to contribute to caring for Mother Earth, by employing these holistic healing methods. Our wish is not just to practice biodynamic agriculture, but also to share it widely and help foster the expansion of biodynamics in Vietnam. Pioneering biodynamic agriculture in Vietnam, we decided to become a learning center, starting off with Module I in January 2017. This first module aimed to give an introduction to the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, helping participants get in touch with the practice in a three-day course. In January 2018, we followed up with Module II, focusing both on reiterating the basic principles, and also including further materials for participants to expand their practice. The course included a mix of theoretical knowledge from Rudolf Steiner, as well as practical activities involving going out into the garden, looking at composting and preparing biodynamic supplements together. Through our courses, participants also get a sense of the community-life of TTG first hand, therefore experiencing Steiner’s integrated view of socio-economic life.

The TTG garden team are currently developping beekeeping and seedbank projects.