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Tinh Truc Gia was built and founded by Eurasia Foundation and Association, Switzerland. We are almost entirely dependent on fundraising for the running costs of the Center. We receive some income through the products of our workshops, but most of our residents come from poor families and we need to find sponsorships for them to help us covering the running costs and salaries of the staff.




Please help us through sponsoring a youngster. To cover all running costs we have to find 120$ par month, per youngster.

Cover the complete sum per month: 120$
Sponsor boarding per month: 40$
Sponsor food per month: 40$
Sponsor training per month: 40$
Other amount monthly?

We would be happy if you could commit to at least a period of three years for your sponsorship, but of course any contribution is welcome. If you have agreed to generously support one of the youngsters, please do send us the following questionnaire back, or by post or by mail, thank you.

Once you have expressed your interest in supporting a youngster at Tinh Truc Gia, we will send you a personal note with the name and photo and short biography of your “god-child”. We will send you regular reports and to keep you informed about the life in Tinh Truc Gia and the evolution of the youngster you are offering to sponsor. As we have some guestrooms in Tinh Truc Gia, you could may be come and visit us one day and then you could meet the youngster and the team that you have so generously sponsored.

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